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Tues. Oct. 11 - Get Ready for NaNoWriMo
Tues. Oct. 18 - Tricks and Tips for Writing a Novel
Sat. Oct. 22 - Member Fall Event
Tues. Nov. 1 - Write-In #1 - NaNoWriMo Kick Off
Sat. Nov. 5 - Character Dreaming with David Sklar
Tues. Nov. 15 - Write-In #2 - NaNoWriMo Half Way There
Fri-Sun Nov. 18-20 - Philcon

Meet Our Members

 Josh Caporale
 Josh Caporale is an aspiring horror and speculative fiction writer who has had short stories published in his high school and college literary magazines, though has most notably had his short story, "Pity Teeth," published in the Speculations from New Jersey anthology put together by the Garden State Speculative Fiction Writers. When he is not working on his multiple writing projects, Josh is working on a web show called Literary Gladiators, where a panel of readers discuss and debate books and other works of literature. These videos can be found on YouTube. Josh recently graduated from Kean University with a Bachelor's in English and is working a retail job while trying to establish himself as a writer. He is a native of New Jersey.

Frederick Doot

Doot has been Managing Editor of Fantasy Scroll Magazine since its inception in 2014. He writes literary fiction, screenplays, film reviews, and blogs both on the craft of writing and the no-longer-woeful New York Mets. He is also a freelance editor and copywriter, and is Vice President of the Garden State Speculative Fiction Writers. Doot and his alter-ego, Rick Tood has work appearing in various anthologies including: "Throw a Gem" - Every Day Fiction; "'She said...'"Speculations fromNew Jersey; "The Black and The Blue" - Disturbed Digest "Last Stop" - Writers Arena. He also co-edited Dragons, Droids, & Doom: Year One, an anthology featuring 51 short stories that appeared in Fantasy Scroll Magazine's first year of publication, including work by Piers Anthony, Michael Resnick, Ken Liu, and Cat Rambo.

He spends half his time in Glen Rock, N.J., and half up in the woods of the Catskills near Livingston Manor, N.Y. where he claims to be writing, but is more likely to be hiking, fishing, or sitting beside the campfire howling at the moon and sipping whiskey.

You can find him on Twitter at: @dootthewriter

K. Edwin Fritz

 Keith Edwin Fritz entered this world on Halloween. The year, 1974, was the same as when Stephen Edwin King published his first novel. Keith prefers to think neither the date nor their middle names were a coincidence.

Today Keith teaches 7th Grade Language Arts and writes to his heart's content during his "spare time". The best of these moments are nearly always by moonlight. The worst of them are also by moonlight.

Keith lives with his wife, Corina, in Lawrenceville, NJ. Keith writes Horror, Dark Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and some Y.A.

 To date (July 2015), Keith has published the following books: Night Storms (2009) Collection. Cover of Darkness (2011) Collection. Bombardier (2012) Short Single.Man Hunt (2013) Novel. Woman Scorned: Man Hunt, Book 2 (2014) Novel.  Battle of the Sexes: Man Hunt, Book 3 (2015) Novel.
Keith will also have a short story, “The Two Hundred” published in the anthology Dark Tales From Gents Pens, which is scheduled to be out August, 2015. 

 Erin M. Hartshorn

Erin M. Hartshorn lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, two kids, and English cocker spaniel. She is a moderator at Forward Motion for Writers (an online writers community), a member of Garden State Speculative Fiction Writers, and a member of SFWA. Her fiction has appeared both online and in print in various places, placed in the PARSEC short story contest, earned honorable mentions and semifinal status in the Writers of the Future contest, and been shortlisted for the UPC Award for science-fiction novellas. She also publishes mysteries under the pen name Sara Penhallow; her most recent release is The Corn Maze Murders. She blogs online at erinmhartshorn.com/blog and can be found on Twitter @ErinMHartshorn

W.L. Hoffman
W.L. Hoffman was born in New Jersey, and grew up in Margate City. As a resident of a quiet island community, he spent much of his childhood imagining adventures above and below the waves. He worked many summers as a beach lifeguard, where rainy days meant uninterrupted reading, and sunny days brought the occasional rescue in riptides best left to the locals.

Hoffman’s interest in reading was voracious from the beginning, with a keen taste for Fantasy and Science Fiction, and his teachers encouraged him to pursue this passion. He took advanced English curricula through high school and continued this trend in college. He received his BA in English from Duke University and attended English literature classes at New College at Oxford University in England.

Following his introduction to legislative drafting while serving in the Duke University student government, Mr. Hoffman obtained his JD from Cornell Law School. While there, he edited and wrote as an associate on the Cornell International Law Journal, and between legal treatises, continued devouring Fantasy and Science Fiction stories. With his creativity under daily siege from the law professors, his dreams wandered into strange realms as he quested for life’s higher meaning. Thus was born the foundation for his epic fantasy novel series, The Soulstealer War. While the concept for the series lingered as he made his way through a legal career, the sleepless nights that come with young children proved to be an apt trigger for putting pen to paper thereby resulting in The First Mother’s Fire.

Hoffman currently resides in central New Jersey, with his wife and daughters. When not plying the day job or writing The Splintering Realm and other stories at night, he enjoys spending time with his girls, digging in their organic vegetable garden, exploring the wilds of the Sourland Mountains and telling tales on the front porch to the next generation of dreamers and writers.

Tom Joyce
 Tom Joyce recently started writing fiction after a 20-year career as a newspaper reporter, during which he won numerous awards. His 2013 debut novel, “The Freak Foundation Operative’s Report,” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. He’s had short stories published in several periodicals and anthologies. His short story collection, “The Devil’s Kazoo Band Don’t Take No Requests,” is due out in early 2015 from Codorus Press. He is the editor of “Chamber of the Bizarre,” the newsletter of Garden State Speculative Fiction Writers.

Tom lives in New Jersey.
C.I. Kemp

C.I. Kemp is a strange visitor from another planet who came to earth with a love and fascination for the dark, the mysterious, and the outré.  He is a lifelong horror buff who counts as his influences Edgar Allen Poe, Bram Stoker, H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, and T.E.D Klein as well as the old Universal Horror and Roger Corman flicks.

By day, he is disguised as a mild-mannered Information Technology specialist who lives in the wilds of New Jersey with his neurotic cat. He enjoys caving, hiking, biking, and various other outdoor activities. 

As of October 2015, C.I. has the following works under his belt: Autumn Moon (Novel); Auras – “Horror Garage”, “Bastion” – Isotropic Fiction, Issue 8; “Big Eyes, Big Ears, Big Teeth” – Every Day Fiction; “Dead Meat” – Allegory Magazine, Fall 2013; “Depths” – Kzine, Issue 3; “Evacuation” – State of Horror, New Jersey; “Gator Girl” - Kzine, Issue 12; “Pickman’s Motel” - Kzine, Issue 8; “Shelter From The Storm” – Under The Bed; “Some Call It Thunder” – Speculations From New Jersey; The Cleansing” – Encounters Magazine, Issue 9; The Fire Walkers” – Bards And Sages Quarterly, April 2014, “The Floor Below” – Cover Of Darkness, September 2012

Roberta Rogow

 Roberta Rogow writes historical mysteries, although she sometimes twists the history. Her most recent series, the Saga of Halvar the Hireling, is up to three: Murders in Manatas, Mayhem in Manatas and Mischief in Manatas (with a fourth book, Menace in Manatas, on the way). Roberta is also known as a Filker (singer and writer of science-fiction oriented folk songs); she was inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame in 2013. Roberta spent 37 years as a Children's Librarian in various public libraries in new Jersey. She retired in 2008, so that she could spend more time writing and going to SF and Mystery Conventions.