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K. Edwin Fritz - Starting next month, Cemetery Dance Online will be featuring reviews of various stories from their print mag. Each post will feature 1 old (1980s & '90s) & 1 new (2000s) story. Things are still in development, but the tentative title we're using is "Exhumed: The Fiction of Cemetery Dance Magazine". The first article should come out sometime in October.

In addition, FictionVortex.com recently asked me to expand one of my stories they published back in '14. They have this thing called "Serial Boxes" which is basically a collection of authors all writing individual long-form stories within the same 'universe' and readers will get one new story in that Serial Box each week. Moreover, we hope to have multiple seasons of each Serial Box, assuming there is enough interest. The Serial Box I'll be in is called "Welcome to Ash Falls", the premise of which is that vampires & werewolves are living secretly (but quite powerfully) in this small city- Ash Falls- in southern Oregon. My story, "The Perpetuals" is about a group of people who have been bitten once by the town's master vampire but are not yet full vampires & won't become so unless they ask for their 2nd & 3rd bites. It's a human interest story stuffed into a world of vampires & werewolves. The story they've asked me to base this off, "Bombardier" won both their Editor's Choice & their Reader's Choice awards when it was published back in 2014. 

FictionVortex.com has also been hosting my All-Things-Horror blog called "The Bone Pile" for a couple months now. (Actually, it's this blog that got me the spot with Cemetery Dance). I've already posted 10 times & will continue to do so at a rate of twice/ month

 K. Edwin Fritz nabbed Hollywood actor (Jack Nolan) to do the narration of my 2nd novel, Woman Scorned. (Have spent something close to 40 hours listening/ making editing notes, which he's already done. Having been working on it for more than 3 months,  the final product should be out in roughly Mid-January.

Frederick Doot will be speaking at the Well Read bookstore in Hawthorne, N.J. on Sunday, January 31 at 2pm as part of their new "Local Author 'Speed Dating'" event to discuss his newly released Dragons, Droids & Doom short story anthology.

Erin Hartshorn's story “Adapt or Die” was included in the anthology Aphrodite Terra, which was released December 15.
Additionally, her SF novel Bodyguard of Lies (first in a trilogy) is now up for sale as an e-book (currently at Amazon, B&N, and Kobo).

Roberta Rogow's story, "The Perfesser and the Kid" will appear in Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine #19, due out sometime this spring.

Todd Honeycutt's story, "Wading Into Water," was published in a September issue of
Nature. This was my first pro sale.

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